This is Not a Drill


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released July 23, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Powertool 2014.



all rights reserved


PWRTL Malmö, Sweden

Anders - Guitar
Dag - Guitar
Francke - Basguitar
Jocke - Drumms
Patrik - Vocals

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Track Name: Ditt Jävla Ansvar
Ditt vidriga sätt får mig att reagera
hur kan du vara så respektlös i ditt sätt att agera
Jag trodde att vi stod på samma sida
att vi brann för samma sak
men du är precis som alla dom andra
allt är frid och fröjd så länge du har ditt tak
(Du är nöjd så länge du har ditt tak)
Du har ingen respekt
Du har fan ingen empati
Ditt vidriga sätt att propagera för din sak
dina värderingar bygger på inget annat än hat
Hur kan jag få det förklarat för dig när det enda du tänker
är mig, mig, mig
Du har ingen respekt
Du har fan ingen empati
Track Name: Tired of Your Standards
I will never be the man that you want me to be
I will never be what society expect of me
This is who I am
This is were I stand
Based on your ideal of how to be and how to act.
Be this, be that, let go of all the facts.
This is how you’re supposed to be
when you face reality
Ignore your feelings it’s a sign of being weak.
Remember that when it’s time to heal
I can never be!
I will never stand
for what it takes to be a fucking man
Det handlar om föråldrade ideal
Hur du ska vara, vem du ska va
Va det här, var såhär strunta i allt du håller kärt.
Res dig upp, bit i hop visa inget, du är en man.
Get your macho bullshit out of here!
We are sick of your ways of claiming space.
Track Name: Piece of a Puzzle
Stay in line, stick with your group
follow the system and do as you are told.
Never question what they’re saying
Just act like all others. If you follow your leader you don't have to bother! NO RAGE
No use to run, resistance isn’t an option.
You are what they tell you, end of discussion!
Complete control to make sure the work will be done.
Letting you believe that you’re the star of the show.
Another cog in the machinery just a face in the crowd.
There’s nothing left to make you proud
Together we stand!
Together we strike!
Track Name: Time reflected
Drifting of in a mind playing tricks.
Repeating thoughts.
Little by little, trying to handle what was said.
What was done.
Holding on, slipping in and out.
A strife to continue.
An urge to proceed.
Time is reflected and differences is valued.
Then they´ll be willing to stand up.
Feeling suffocated but that’s just to describe your state
of mind when you´re fed up
Being lectured and screamed at.
Confusing memories of how it could’ve been
They will stand up!
Refuse to step back!
Impossible to move!
Refuse to lose to all of ya fools